Reviewer's Guidelines

Reviewer would assign score on submitted manuscript on the following points.

  1. Current interest on the topics and relevant to journal area.
  2. Clarity of the presentation
  3. Significant of the findings
  4. Technical quality
  5. English of the manuscript.

Reviewer would assign score to each point listed above a numeral  1,2,3,4,5 which indicate the meaning 1 as poor,2 as average, 3 as good, 4 as very good and 5 as excellent. Score less then 10 will not be considered  for publication. Score 10-15 will be sent for revision.
A reviewer has to write  a general comment on the manuscript.  Reviewer would point out errors, contradictions and mistakes if any in the manuscript as per his/her observation.

A blind review process is maintained by the editorial office